Activating Unconditional Love And Strengthen Immunity! with Aimee Pedersen
Activating Unconditional Love And Strengthen Immunity!


Level 2

60 minutes

At last we come to the delicious and delightful aspect of self... ojas! Ojas is our immunity (both physical and energetic) and our capacity to hold our challenges, along with all things that are perfectly right and good, in our lives. In this class we divert our attention to what feels good. We will feel into the parasympathetic realm of the back body and work skilfully with repetition to find our flow state. But most importantly, we will practice for the LOVE of it! (can you think of a better intention?) Strong ojas is feeling a love for ourselves and safety in our own bodies. It is coming home to all aspects of who we are in order to feel integrated and whole. This class is parasympathetic energetic medicine! <3

Props required: Blocks