Align To Your Hearts Desire with Rebecca Capewell-Lloyd
Align To Your Hearts Desire


Level 2

54 minutes

Centre Yourself Within Your Breath & Align To What Your Heart Truly Desires Enjoy a well paced flow that will encourage you turn inwards and attune to what you hold at your very centre.Offer this as the focus for your practice, welcoming forth your true hearts desire & sense of purpose.Breath life into your mantra as we move through a fun yet challenging sequence that will ask you to stay focused and remain present.Building heat & stamina with a dynamic forearm plank sequence sprinkled throughout the flow.Creating balance & focus with powerful standing postures such as, warrior three & revolved half moon. Leaving plenty of time to work deeply into the hips, back and side body with pigeon & an expansive take on seated wide angle. Look a little closer & see a more clearly with this practice of loving self inquiry.....