Enliven Your Energy with Rebecca Capewell-Lloyd
Enliven Your Energy


Level 2

61 minutes

Release tension & enliven your entire system with this uplifting feel good practice Begin by centring within the breath using this as your guide throughout the flow. Encouraging your focus to reside within the present moment. Creating an enlivened fully embodied Yoga practice.Move through a series of heat building sun salutations that include creative twists on familiar postures such as chair and low lunge. Enliven your core with a fun 'cosmic abs' & boat pose sequence. Flowing into a well paced practice that will open the hips, shoulders and hamstrings. Preparing the body and mind for a fun yet challenging standing posture - Extended Hand To Big Toe Pose. Leaving plenty of time to stretch it all out and take a well deserved rest and re-set with Savasana. Join us and put a little Spring back in your step!