Anytime Calm Flow with Rebecca Capewell-Lloyd
Anytime Calm Flow


Level 2

45 minutes

Enjoy a well balanced playful flow that will welcome a deep sense of calm anytime you need it. Exploring two key principles as we interweave them seamlessly throughout the flow,1. The joining of breath and movement to create union in body & mind2. The movement of the body and awareness of the breath as a means to quieten the mindEmbodying these principles as we move through a well paced sequence including lunges, side body openers, tree play, warrior 3, side plank variations, eagle balances and dolphin pose. Allowing plenty of time to absorb the practice in longer held stretches such as pigeon and bound angle . Welcoming the abundance of calm that rises from within as you move, breath and let go. All in just 45 glorious minutes.