Rise Up with Rebecca Capewell-Lloyd
Rise Up


Level 2

49 minutes

Rise & shine, raising your vibration with this uplifting full body flow Practice. Begin standing, centring yourself within your breath. Utilising this as both a point of focus and a means to settle into your body and heart . Arriving for your practice with a calm and open mindset.Flow through a fun take on sun salutations layering in increasingly challenging standing balance sequences. Requiring you to approach each posture with poise and calm staying steady & easeful as we move breath and flow. Enjoy targeted work for the glutes, hips, thighs and core as we stoke the fire raising our collective vibration. Whilst most importantly having fun along the way. In order that this feels less like a 'work out' but rather a great way to move your body at any time of the day. Enjoy Yogis.....xx