Awaken Body & Mind with Rebecca Capewell-Lloyd
Awaken Body & Mind


Level 2

48 minutes

Awaken in body & mind & let your energy flow freely with this uplifting Vinyasa Flow practice. Begin by gently warming up the spine ,shoulders and chest as we swiftly build a dynamic ,enlivening playful flow. Strengthen the the lower body with standing postures such as , Humble Warrior , Triangle and a challenging variation of Half Moon Pose. Work the upper body with side plank holds and just the right amount of Chaturangas to build a gentle glow. Sculpt and strengthen from your centre with a core crunch sequence sprinkled throughout the practice.Find balance and strength with a fun take on Chair Pose that will target the glutes and outer hips asking you to summon up a final burst of energy. Leaving plenty of time to deeply stretch and relax. Concluding the practice with a brief seated meditation to awaken body, mind & energy.