Yin/Yang Flow - Replenish with Rebecca Capewell-Lloyd
Yin/Yang Flow - Replenish


Level 1-2

55 minutes

Replenish Your Entire System With This Steady Breath Centred Yin Yang Flow. Today you choose the journey, welcoming just the right amount of effort & ease. Now doesn't that sound good !

Begin with a well paced sequence to build heat, settle into the breath & open up the body.The Yang portion of the practice.Enjoy kneeling lunges, upper back openers, twists, hip and hamstring stretches. Maintaining a low centre of gravity low even as we flow.

Gradually moving towards a more yielding YIN like embodiment of postures such as half butterfly, reclined shoelace & child's pose. Utilising your choice of props to best support you in your practice.

Replenish your energy & feel renewed xx

Props required: Blanket